Beginner Level I

I’m so excited you’ve decided to start your swim journey with me. Each step of the course is broken into smaller bite size videos so you can focus on each concept one at a time. Begin at the introduction and work your way through!

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The Lessons

Watch this introduction to get started.

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1-1. Introduction
1-2. Goggles
1-3. Water Safety
1-4. Getting Comfortable in the Water
1-5. Submerging
1-6. Review

2-1. Introduction
2-2. Floating on your Front w/ Assistance
2-3. Floating on your Front Unassisted
2-4. Gliding in a Streamline Position
2-5. Review

3-1. Introduction
3-2. Introduction to Kicking
3-3. Kicking with Assistance
3-4. Kicking in a Streamline Position
3-5. Review

4-1. Introduction
4-2. Arm Stroke Basics
4-3. Arm Stroke in Gliding Position
4-4. Freestyle
4-5. Review

5-1. Introduction
5-2. Basics of Floating on your Back
5-3. Floating on your Back Unassisted
5-4. Resting Stroke
5-5. Review

This final step will teach you how to roll your body from your front to back while floating & swimming, and how to tread water in the deep end of the pool.

You're perfectly capable of this!