The Mission

The mission is plain and simple – to teach you how to swim for a lifetime and to become your trusted resource for more knowledge in the future.  If, by the end of this course, you are still not able to swim, reach out to me and we will find a way to get you there.

What to expect from me:

Communication Skills

Whenever I’m teaching, I like to remind myself of the phrase: “Keep it simple, silly.”  That is the type of communication you should expect in this course.  No nonsense.  Only the important stuff.

Positive and Calm Approach

A positive and calm approach has proven to me time and time again that it will bring out the best results of any student. Forget your typical drill sergeant. Expect a mentor and a friend.


During my 10 years of being a swim instructor, I’ve helped over 4300 students of all ages develop and improve their swimming skills.  I cherish them all, but I excel when working with adult students.

Learn to swim today!